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Master allows you to enter details of your retailers, employees, godown,etc. You can also update the details from here. Inventory will provide you with details of your stock. You can enter the details of your inventory transfer, return or update here.
In route module, you have to enter the details of your route. It includes schedule of that route,sales person/ driver,vehicle and retailers on that particular route. Fleet management has information regarding your vehicle, its size, year of model, etc. It also maintains fuel expense of vehicles.
Daily activity gives you the provision to enter the details of your day to day activity of loading and unloading the vehicle with the money transactions related to it. Finance will show you the information of all your accounts and your employee's too. It also has the information of collected cheques, credit notes and GL accounts.
Order provides you with the facility of placing your purchase order as well as you can enter the details of your sales order too. Details of godown sale can also be entered from here. Marketing deals with creating and carrying out campaigns for products and services.It has details of the surveys carried out and feedback given by customers.
Invoice will have the details of the invoices that are for generated on the basis of the order given. You also have the provision to enter the details of payment related to that invoices. Reports and Analytics will give you all the type of reports, you need. It will show you the stock reports as well as reports related to accounts also and all other modules too.

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